About us

امین معراجی فر

Merajifar Dried Fruit Packaging Factory is located in the raisin capital of Iran – Malayer, which has been directly active in the dried fruit and raisin production since 2001 and is now known as Malayer Nuts.

Our brand

Our products will be known with “Nuts121”, “Meraji121”, “Meraji127”, “Malayer Nuts” brands.

Production and packaging

This unit buys the best production raw materials directly from the horticultural farmers of Malayer city. The fully trained technical team controls it, observing the strict instructions of the standard and health of the food industry, with superior quality than the final product packaging with Prepares the latest high technology for delivery worldwide.

Our goal

Our main goal is to provide comprehensive solutions and plans in broader trade relations inside and outside the country to export and import nuts and raisins.

During its operation, this production unit has concluded numerous contracts related to foreign and domestic trade with its counterparts worldwide.

Customer interaction

The success and superiority of the sorting and packaging factory in competitive markets result from high production capacity, high quality, competitive price, timely delivery.

We can prepare the products with the best quality according to the customer’s needs and offer them 5, 10 kg packages. We have equipped the production line with a laser machine and an X-ray machine, and we try to present the product with real pure Iranian quality.

Due to the region’s geographical location, a promising economic strategy, and being equipped with mechanized machines, experienced personnel, and various packaging and mass production capabilities, this production group is fully prepared to provide quality products to Iranian compatriots and countries around the world. Is This production group has been able to create a quality difference with other factories with the slogan of high-quality products and reasonable prices in a short time in the world of competition, which is the same as customer satisfaction!

Iran Raisin Packaging Company
Iran Raisin Packaging Company