Malayer city is one of the cities of Hamedan province, known as the world city of grapes and the largest producer of raisins, so that Malayer raisins have a special reputation around the world and have many fans.

Malayer raisins

Malayer raisin is a type of seedless grape that is produced and processed from raisin grapes. The taste and color of Malayer raisin is very famous and is one of the most popular types of raisins.

Most of the products produced by farmers in Malayer are different types of raisins.

کشمش ملایر

Types of Malayer raisins

Malayer products include: 1- Acid 2- Golden 3- Sunny 4- Dry shade 5- Acid dry shade 6- Acid Askari 7- Sun dry Askari 8- Acid raisin 9- Sunny raisin 10- Other

Export raisins

Among Malayer raisin products, three of them are mass-produced and exported, which are:

  • Acid raisins
  • Golden raisins
  • Sunny raisins

Raisin Sultana

Sultana raisins are known as Malayer raisins, pilaf raisins, which have the largest share in production among Malayer raisins.

کشمش ملایر -سلطانی

Production stages of Sultana raisins

The production process is that the seedless grapes are exposed to direct sunlight after being soaked in an acidic content (including water, calcium carbonate, edible oil).
The acid solution causes the acidified grapes to dry in four to seven days, and secondly, it prevents them from turning black and gives a pleasant color to Malayer raisins.

Uses: use in food (pilaf), combination with nuts, production of sweets and cakes, nutrition

Golden raisins

The golden type of raisins is also known as grape and Californian, and one of the characteristics of this type of golden color is its hand.
The difference between this type of raisin and Soltani is in the method of production and its color, taste and aroma. The production of golden type raisins is the second in Malayer raisin products.

کشمش ملایر - طلایی - انگوری

Production stages of golden raisins

Golden raisins are produced from grape seedless raisins harvested from orchards.
And after 2 days, by creating a coating on it, sulfur gas is given for a few hours, this sulfur gas is the main cause of the yellow and golden color of this type of raisin.

Uses: decorative, pilaf, nutritional, combined with other nuts

Sunny raisins

In Malayer raisin products, sunny raisins are in the third place in production with a big difference, black raisins or black raisins have a dark, black, brown color.

کشمش ملایر - پلویی مشکی

Production stages of sunny raisins

The process of producing sunflower raisins is very simple, after harvesting the grapes and transferring them to the grapes, which are also seedless.
They are exposed to direct sunlight without any substances, and since they do not have any drying solution, it takes about fifteen to thirty days to produce and dry this type of Malayer raisin.

Uses: pilaf, cake and pastry production

Raisins dry shade

Dry shade can be considered the most delicious type of raisins, sweet, natural, delicious, colorful, fleshy and… are the characteristics of dry shade raisins.

کشمش ملایر - سایه خشک

Stages of production of Malayer dry shade raisins

The production process of dry shade raisins is such that after harvesting the grapes and transferring them to a suitable space (four dark walls with proper ventilation) they are placed in a pendulum or placed on pre-prepared wires and nets.
Because it does not contain any desiccants, it takes between 25 and 45 days to produce our dry shade raisins, which is the most delicious type of Malayer raisins.

Uses: nutrition, combination with chickpeas and nuts

What kind of Malayer raisins are exported?

Three of these raisins are exported and have a high position in the international community, which are: Soltani (acid) California (golden, grape) Black (sunny, black)

Malayer raisin export

Due to the large production of currant grapes, which is for the production of raisins, Malayer packaging companies have been able to use this large capacity and spread the name of Malayer raisins to the world.

Malayer exports to more than one hundred countries and about 300 thousand tons in 1399 was the export of raisins, in addition to the export of about 50 to 60 thousand tons was the need of the domestic market.

Production raisins are exported to all over the world. Important and large customers can be Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Kazakhstan, UAE and…

Malayer raisin prices

Prices have varied in different years, but in general, quality, uniformity, coarseness and meat, supply and demand have a direct impact on the price of Malayer raisins.

The stronger the raisins, the higher the price. The higher the color of the raisins, the higher the price.

To know the daily price of raisins, you can contact the founder of Malayer dried fruit website, ie Merajifar Trading.


World Grape City

Each city and province has its own fame that some cities are famous for agricultural products such as Rafsanjan pistachios, Bam dates, Khorasan saffron and now it is the turn of Malayer, the center of grape production and from now on The world city of grapes is famous.

After Hamedan, it is the second largest city in the province, which is located in the west of the country, and the history of grape production in some places reaches more than 650 years (Jozan-Gorab), which has developed with the development of society and the passage of grape production. Is.

The World Grape City, with more than 12,000 hectares of orchards, most of which are vineyards, harvests more than 23 to 25 tons of grapes per hectare annually.

Over 90% of Malayer grape harvests are converted into raisins for export, and the city’s economy depends on orchards and agricultural products, and plays a prominent role in the city’s currency.

The world city of grapes, which is also the capital of furniture and inlays in Iran, is a good destination for tourism and holiday passages. The suitable and cool climate is one of the features of this city. Travel to this city

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